[Inflorenza RPG Actual Play] North, under the silent stars

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[Inflorenza RPG Actual Play] North, under the silent stars

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A tribal drama in the coldest and darkest place in the world. With a written report by Orane !

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Inflorenza is a french RPG where you play heroes, bastards and martyrs in the forest hell of Milesvale (english translation in progress) : http://outsider.rolepod.net/millevaux...

It deals with horror and beauty, sacrifice, power and suffering, and forest. Forest everywhere. Inflorenza is the game to live in hell, to fight for your soul and to die of love.

we are looking for born english-speakers proofreaders, so please contact me if you are interested

"North, under the silent stars" is a theater from the Inflorenza book. It has been writen by Julien Delorme.
Far in the north is a village, said to be the last one before the ice. Its inhabitants live in perpetual winter, nights last ten months and no one prays to the sun, too weak to grant any wishes.

We try to show all the respect we have for native Sami people which are the protagonists of this theater. But as we are not natives and as this is roleplay (fictionial and partly improvisated), we may have made some mistakes and misinterpretations, so please tell us in the comments. This disclaimers also applies for animal cause issues.

Côme (english translator of Inflorenza) plays Wild Cub, a human transforming into animal.
Orane plays Slow Crow, a young reindeer raiser
I (author of the french version of Inflorenza) play Shaman Wolf, the masked arm of the ritual of killing.

Côme and Orane are french but their english is fluently. Mine is unfortunately far from perfect, i thank you for you leniency :)

This actual play is in public domain.


picture credits : Travis S & Jasmic & Phil Mclver & visit finland, cc-by-nc ; Sophus Tromholt & Granbergs Nya Aktiebolag, cc-by-sa

Written report by Orane :

Speak slowly and loudly
Say « I » when you speak about your character
Say he/she/they for NPC
Avoid side by side playing. Play toward others.
Drama/aesthetic playing welcome
Play better than the game demand (more than what mechanics ask for).
No mindfuck, try to keep it simple.
Try to balance speaking time. Take control if you’re shy.
You can ask questions about rules, gameplay… during the game.
Rules and gameplay

In the theater.
Hunters. Sent to capture some animals to have some food. We both want to bring back food, but we both want to be the only one to bring back food.
Turns. Focus player is the one who will frame the scene. Freeform – we could say what ever we want.
End of turn :
without any conflict – 1d12 and sentence
Forest, cold, tired. Spot a rabbit and kill it.
5 : animism. They didn't kill a simple rabbit, but a spirit animal.
Goal sentence at the beginning. Include the word « want » and link to an other player.
Côme’s character rolled 7 : « I want the fire on which we cook our food to be brighter than the sky » (they wanna be the biggest hunter in the camp)
10 : I want to be the only one to go in the woods ‘cause it’s dangerous out there.
End of turn :
with a conflict with the universe
with a duel conflict : objective (what the player starting want) / counter-objective. 1 sentence (motivation, resource or flaw) = 1 die. We can have allies in these conflicts.
I want a duel conflict. I recognize that it is the spirit rabbit, and that Côme’s character must bury him. He wants to scare me.
Come’s uses both his sentences. (5,6)
I use mine. (7)
Thomas roll one to help me. (7)

Between 3-10 : suffering dices. Equality.
Orane & Thomas are writing a sentence of suffering. Côme too.
Compromise : we both come back to the village, without the rabbit.

The theater. North of finland. Sami culture. Animists names (‘funny fox’), sami names (‘’). Reindeer celebration.
Côme : Wild Cub. A disciple of one of the shamans. Want to explore the idea of a disciple-master. Idea of contamination (horlas – transformation to animal, to ice…). Contaminated at the beginning, and try to hide it.
Thomas : Shaman wolf. A young woman, wild temper. A killer. Kills humans and animals. Eats dire meat. Obsession : swims naked in the cold water under the ice. She had a vision : the light will all disappear if human continue to kill animal. It’s a dilemma for her. But they can’t survive without killing animals because their isn’t enough vegetables.
Orane : Slow Crow. I’m in live with Red Mouse, so i’ll follow him, even if I trust the Shamans. I share some ideas of Cunning Crow, that’s why I am named after him.

A short scene with NPC.
Orane - Red Mouse : A young boy who wanted to bring down the Shamans. He believes in the sun and stars. It failed and Shaman Wolf made him disappear. (it was foreseen to happen during the game, but it not really did)
Côme – Cunning Crow : old man, member of Wild Cub family. Decided to go die in the wild (which is not allowed), and disappeared
Thomas – Shaman Owl : an old woman. Everyone has huge respect for her (she protect the families and heal people). She is getting very old. She has a choice to make : continue to be the Shaman Owl (and things will get worse and worse) or abandon her carrier and find an apprentice (but she doesn’t manages to find a suitable apprentice – and it’s death for her, bring by shaman wolf).

Order: Côme, Orane, Thomas.

Last warm-up – the song. O – Ya – BRR – Woo


Wild Cub.
1 (Obsessions) : I want to express like an animal more and more.
Morning, the night had been especially cold. He is tired, it’s been a while since he ate anything of value. Tired, hungry, and probably not the only one in the village.
Teaching lesson with shaman Bear. On the way, he doesn’t completely realize it, but starts to make some strange noises, and sounds animal-like. When he realize it, he continues to do it.
Shaman Bear leads him to a polar bear.
[s]12 (Flesh) : Something about the polar bear majesty appeals to me.[/s]

Slow Crow
[s]9 (Herds) : I want a big village with a lot of reindeers so we can live with them and from them. [/s]
I love Red Mouse, and how he is always in movement, always in action. A polar bear attacked us. I call for help, but no one responds.
12 (Flesh) : I have some claw marks left by the trees during my running.

Shaman Wolf
A frozen lake under the black sky. A very few lights. No moon. The only light come for the snow.
She digs a hole in the ice and plunge in the cold water, and left her shaman mask. Shaman wolf, a young woman. She had memory tattoos on her face, but they had been carved out. Obsession of coldness.
5 (Animism) : I want to continue the ritual of killing.
Murder is spilling into her veins. She is the strongest person in the village. She thinks that without her, we’ll die – she protects us, from the wild, from the bears…
Reindeer vision : “we’ll never come back no more. Because of the killing. Stop killing animals, and maybe the sun will come back”.
Someone is grabbing her outside the cold water. It’s Cunning Crow, the old man who gonna die, and doesn’t care if he is breaking the law. He is a burden from society and decided to die out there.
“You broke the law, I am going to kill you.
- If you want to kill me, you have to do it fast, I’m already dying.”
Cunning Crow, even if he is dying will not let her kill him.
Objective : she kills him. Counter objective : he survives, wins the battle, and break her convictions.
Thomas : sacrifice
Come : 10 (suffering)
Orane : 5 (suffering)
Shaman Wolf press her fingers against the throat of Cunning Crow and she assumes he dies in peace.
12 (Flesh) : I felt the pain of Cunning Crow dying.

Wild Cub
The polar bear shared the fury of Shaman Wolf. He jumps on Wild Cub. He gets lost in the woods.
He cries, he is lost, and I came to him.
We should hide.
We are both lost in the forest. The constellations are so thin that we can’t follow them. I forgot about my reindeers.
Objective : Find the way to Shaman Owl. Counter objective : the bear finds us and we are more lost.
Orane : 2
Côme : 4
Thomas : 3
It takes us quite a lot of time. We lose track of time. But we arrived to Shaman Owl’s cabin the trees.

Slow Crow
Shaman Wolf sees us arrive.
Shaman Owl’s cabin is very messy. Herbs. She is cooking medicine soup in her cauldron. She seems confused. She peed on herself. She is so old.
“Something terrible is happening !”
She sings. She gives us a potion. She says we’ll have vision.
She takes a drum. A sound coming from the abyss.
The potion has a very strong taste. Shaman Owl is getting senile, and both her advices and potions are more and more rotten.
9 (herd) : I want to find a way to live without the herd.

Shaman Wolf.
It’s the reindeer celebration. A lot of the reindeers are gone, but we still have a few. It’s time to eat their flesh, make weapons with their bones… There is a big fire. There is less deers, but it is still a fest, everyone is still here.
I ask Shaman Wolf not to kill this Reindeer. Red Mouse says that the 4 shamans are beginning to be bad guides to the village. Shaman Owl is senile. Shaman Reindeer failed in protecting the herd. Shaman Bear is endangering the village. Shaman Wolf is just a psychopathic person. Maybe it’s time to end their reign !
Shaman Wolf is staying quite for the moment. She is counting on the killing ritual to show her power again.

Village is divided.

Shamans themselves are divided. Shaman Wolf killed the favorite polar bear of Shaman Bear. Shaman Owl should have resign. Shaman Reindeer failed.

Riot is growing.

It’s time for the killing. The older reindeer is a young one, a good adult. Each family gave him a garnment, he is beautiful. Shaman Wolf, with her mask grimacing.

Objective : shaman wolf don’t kill the reindeer / she continues.
Come : 12
Thomas :
Orane : 11 – 7

Equality. Compromise.

She kills the reindeer and she is under arrest.
5 (Animism) : Shaman Wolf thinks the people are abandoning the rituals.

10 (loneliness) : Me and Red Mouse are the only ones in the world, and we don’t trust anyone else.
6 (nature) : I don’t think the village can survive the dangers of the nature.

Wild Cub looks at all the killing. He want to start living like an animal.
6 : I don’t fear ice anymore, because my heart itself is frozen.

Wild Cub
He is not going to let the trial happen. He has a knife in his belt, which wants to say something to Shaman Wolf.
The feast was not really good, no food, and the seeds of doubt are here. People are pretending.
“I prove myself to you, Shaman Bear. Bears kill wolves.”
Branches cage hanging over from a huge tree. The biggest oak. Wild Cub starts climbing.
Wolf has taken off her mask: “Let’s see if you have what it needs to be the next Shaman Wolf.
- I don’t want to be the next Shaman Wolf.”
Shaman Wolf is not gonna kill animals again. This is the last time she can kill him, before he is totally transformed.

Objective : Wild Cub mutilates Shaman Wolf so she can’t hunt anymore.
Counter-objective : Wild Cub kills Shaman Wolf and becomes the next shaman Wolf against his own will.

Thomas win.
She can feels the strength of a bear in the blood of Wild Cub. She hurts him, and takes his knife, plunges it into her own heart.

2 (Shadows) : I become shaman wolf as the shadows cloud my senses.
The identity of Wild Cub has disappeared. Now, he is a mix between Bear and Wolf.

“Wild Cub, what have you done ?”
“I’m the new Shaman Wolf now.”

Slow Crow
I’m gonna talk to Wild Cub/Shaman Wolf. He lost himself.

Objective : Red Mouse is killed and Shaman Wolf takes over the village.
Counter-objective : The villagers kills all the Shaman, including Shaman Wolf and Red Mouse takes the power.

Dices :
Orane : 8 - 10 - 2 - 7 

I won.

I want to join Cunning Crow in the death, to the north.
Red Mouse is leading them in the south. This way to live is over.
Outsider. Énergie créative. Univers artisanaux.
Ma page Tipee.